Your daily horoscope by Manisha Kaoushik: Monday, February 26

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Kaoushik: Monday, February 26

Virgo: Your popularity is set to rise on the professional front.


Hurdles foreseen on the financial front will disappear, as you go all out for enhancing your earning. A new arrival is set to bring joy and happiness in the family. Newlyweds will find the existence blissful, as love and understanding blossom.

An event or a function organised by you is likely to come in for immense praise from all quarters. Your different approach to a workplace problem will help solve it in a better way.


Some of you may need to counter negativity in your lives by focussing on the positive. Those pursuing higher studies may take time off to party hard! Eating right may become your mantra for keeping perfect health.

Those contemplating love marriage are likely to succeed in their mission! Those feeling trapped in their present job may seriously consider a job switch. A task allotted to you at work may not get completed due to circumstances beyond your control. 


 Someone at the workplace may need your help, so give it without any reservations. Monetary assistance sought from someone will be forthcoming, but with some riders. It may be difficult to woo lover today, but persistence will pay!

A home remedy will come in handy for an ailment nagging some for long. You will need to curb your tendency to indulge in excesses to remain healthy. Family is likely to remain most supportive in whatever you do.


Your attempts to shine on the academic front may require some more efforts. Steer clear of all controversial issues on the social front or you may get into an awkward situation. Your plans for expanding business may not go as smoothly as expected, but you will manage to make some progress.

Someone from your childhood days may share memories of the years gone by today. A family elder may require a tender touch, so find time for it.


Your success on the academic front is assured, as you get the kind of support that can get you places. Moneywise, you will find yourself in a most comfortable situation. Homemakers are likely to channelise their energy in accomplishing something big.

You will manage to dovetail your routine with a workout regimen and benefit. This is your lucky day, as something desired may be fulfilled immediately! An excellent day is foreseen for financial deals and monetary transactions.


Your popularity is set to rise on the professional front. Those with romantic aspirations will find the day most fulfilling. Those ailing will be able to recover fast. A long drive may allow you to think things out. Spouse or someone close may surprise you with a treat or gift.

A social responsibility may have to be discharged by some. Total enjoyment may become your driving force today. Students can expect to excel in academics or sports.


You may find organising an event with little outside support an uphill task. Academic pursuits will be fruitful. Your romantic intentions may not be readily reciprocated, but persistence will pay! Mental solace will come to those who generally remain on a short fuse. Will power will be your key to remain in shape.

Today is going to be a lucky day as your popularity grows on the personal and professional front. A family member is likely to make you proud.


A good business deal is likely to rake in good profits. Stressful situations on the work front will be successfully countered. Some more hard work may be required those appearing for a crucial competition on the academic front.

You are likely to save a situation from getting out of hand at home. You will manage to resolve a family issue through your initiative. Finding time to be with the one you love may prove difficult today. 


Working conditions for some are likely to improve on the professional front. Romantic life will prove satisfactory, but you will need to keep your mood swings in check. Spouse is likely to emotionally blackmail you for getting something expensive.

Business persons will require perseverance to achieve their aim. Wanderlust may get the better of you. An opportunity to build bridges comes to you, so don’t ignore it. Someone’s support on the academic front will prove indispensable.


On the work front, you may get a chance to acquire some new skill. A good break may land some a well paying job. Meeting near and dear ones is on the cards and will help keep you in a buoyant mood.

Lovebirds may plan an outing someplace exclusive. Health-wise you will remain okay. Motivation from a senior will help you in giving your best on the academic front. Financial uncertainty is likely to dissipate soon for some.


Success at work is assured, but you will need to build on it. A loan given to someone will be promptly returned. You will be able to get rid of an ailment for good that has been troubling you.

This is a tremendous day for those on romantic foray, as they find someone interesting enough to get romantically serious! Attending an out of town marriage or a function is on the cards and will prove most enjoyable.


Those out of shape may suffer by their reluctance to shake a leg. Shifting to a new place is on the cards for those looking for a suitable accommodation.

Keep tab on a youngster driving on the road, as a road rage situation is possible. Earnings are set to rise, as you attempt to double your efforts on the business front. You will win over the one you love by being upfront in almost everything.

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