25-year-old Tamil CA, killed for dowry by in-laws, tried to return to parents' home 20 times!!!

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But each time she was asked to go back saying that it will get better...

It is shocking to know that dowry is still one of the major causes of deaths in India and unlike common perception, most cases of dowry come from the so-called rich and elite families.

In yet another shocking case of dowry death, a Tamil Nadu girl was ruthlessly murdered by her own father-in-law and his two friends. Reason-- their latest dowry demand of allegedly Rs 10 lakh was delayed as the girl's family was trying to arrange for the money.

The demands kept on increasing...

What's deeply saddening is the fact that the 25-year-old bright Chartered accountant had returned to her parents home at least 20 times asking for help. However, Dibya Cheran was only consoled and asked to return to her in-laws home by her parents as they thought things would ultimately work out for her.

25-year-old Tamil CA, killed for dowry by in-laws, tried to return to parents' home 20 times!!!

Dibya got engaged to be married to Elan Cheran in 2013 and initially, the family was quite warm and forthcoming. In fact, they didn't even talk about dowry in the first few months. However, as the wedding date neared their demands started surfacing one after the other.

100 sovereigns of gold, Rs 15 lakh for a car, Rs 30 lakh cash and 5 kg of silver as dowry was given to Dibya at her wedding, says her brother Prekumar.

Unfortunately, the mother-in-law was still not happy with it, he adds.

“The day after the wedding, she took all the gold from Divya and started fighting with her, claiming that we had given two sovereigns of gold less than we promised. She called us, and I immediately went and bought two sovereigns of gold,” Premkumar recalled as he spoke to the news portal, thenewsminute.com.

However, even after torturing the girl for almost five years the in-laws were not happy and ultimately the father-in-law murdered his daughter-in-law on July 17.

Dibya turned to her family for help but...

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Whats disheartening is that Dibya looked at her family for support and had returned home at least 20 times to seek refuge and help.

“We have given them money multiple times in the last four years… Once, we gave Rs 4 lakh, once it was Rs 3 lakh, once it was Rs 50,000. In total, we have given them around Rs 15 to 20 lakh over the years. Ten days ago, she came back home, saying her in-laws had now demanded Rs 10 lakh. We sent her back, saying we will try to arrange the money, but we didn’t know they would kill her for this,” adds a distraught Prem Kumar.

Dowry Deaths in India

You'd be surprised to know that India has the highest number of dowry related deaths in the world according to Indian National Crime Record Bureau.

In 2012, 18,233 dowry death cases were reported across India. This means a bride was burned every 90 minutes, or dowry issues cause 1.4 deaths per year per 100,000 women in India.

While the government is making all efforts to prohibit people from accepting and giving dowry, there are many who do that privately and under the cover. And, while the Indian laws against dowries (Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961) have been in effect for decades, they have not been able to put a stop to the practice and have been criticized heavily for being ineffective.

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