Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, January 31st

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Sagittarius: Expect excellent output from someone you have delegated to do your share of work.


A situation may arise at work that may test your patience. You can be tensed regarding a family issue involving an elderly. Discomfort is likely to be faced in a long journey. You will succeed in diffusing an ugly situation at work by tact and diplomacy.

Some positive signals can emanate for those seeking a raise or promotion. A promise not kept can get you into trouble with lover. You will need to be more conscious regarding your health.


Ego problem with someone at work will be amicably sorted out. Financial front remains stable by cutting corners. Lover may seem distant and may not appear his or her bubbly self today. Health consciousness may come as a boon for some.

Those using the highway need to be careful, as stars appear unfavourable. You will manage to lift the spirits of someone feeling down in the dumps. Health remains excellent, as you make special efforts for remaining fit.


Positive developments on the romantic front are likely to find you on Cloud Nine! Tapping your potential will assume importance to start a suitable career. You may need to focus on lagging projects at work, as they can become an albatross round your neck.

Those travelling abroad may face some hassles, so prepare well and keep your papers in order. Financial situation may become worrisome for some. Be careful, as seasonal changes may make you unwell.


Your opinions and suggestions will matter in a family situation. Some of you are likely to fare better than expected on the professional front. Those in love can find the day most fulfilling. You will manage to keep a check on your spending.

Those associated with hospitality and tourism sectors are likely to strike it rich. Your serious efforts to get back in shape are set to pay rich dividends. Help extending to someone will be reciprocated.


Shopping can take up a major part of your day today. Avoid junk food as it may not only spoil your health, but the festive season too. Tough competition is foreseen for students appearing for an exam or interview.

You will need to play your cards well for a lucrative partnership. Don’t get into a situation on the academic front where you are ticked off for bad behaviour. New developments are set to boost your romantic life.


You may feel your hard work is not being recognized on the professional front, but this may not be so. Overcoming the odds on the academic front is indicated. Your attempts to bring some changes on the domestic front will be welcomed.

Exercise caution if you are planning to put your money in a get-rich-quick scheme or fund. Boredom threatens your romantic life, so do something about it! You may need medical advice before starting an exercise regime.


You are likely to excel on the academic front and leave your competitors far behind. Your peers will have high expectations from you at work and you will not let them down. Inner peace is assured for the spiritually inclined.

Pursuing a new hobby may prove most relaxing and enjoyable. On the romantic front, expect to be bowled over by the sensitivity and concern of lover. A sightseeing trip promises to take you amidst the beauty of nature.



A change in work environment is needed to avoid routine tensions. This will help you chalk out a better plan regarding your approach for the same. Finding love at the workplace is a possibility for those single. Projects that allow you to make use of your creative abilities will interest you most right now.

Learn to organize your finances if you want positive results. Expressing your feelings to your beloved will improve your love life. Health of elders in the family may require concern.



Expect excellent output from someone you have delegated to do your share of work. Good earning is foreseen from a side business. An exclusive outing with sweetheart is indicated and will prove most fulfilling. A close relation may come up with a marriage proposal for you or someone eligible in the family. You will find yourself fit enough to pursue some serious sports. A difficult assignment will be handled most competently by you on the academic front.


Things may move at snail’s pace where recovery of loan is concerned. You may volunteer for an impromptu trip with friends and enjoy your time together. Spiritually minded may set out on a pilgrimage.

Growth prospects may not look promising for those seeking to change their line. Chartered accountants, architects and lawyers may find the day hectic. Delay is foreseen in submitting an important report on the professional front. Good health will keep you in an upbeat mood.


You may have to stand by your commitment made to someone on the professional front. An improved lifestyle will prove a boon to those getting out of shape.

Choose your words carefully before uttering them, especially in front of someone who is exceptionally touchy. The one you secretly admire may give you the opportunity you seek! Travelling long distance by road may not be too comfortable, due to frequent delays and traffic jams. Fatigue can take its toll.



 Fitness freaks are likely to reap rich benefits with a new workout regimen. An innovative idea or an improvement at workplace may get you the credit you seek.

You may become a pillar of strength for someone passing through a bad phase. Financial problems disappear and financial stability returns. Your choice of a holiday destination will prove most exciting for those accompanying you. This is the perfect day to impress lover by a surprise gift or a party.