Why my 15-minutes a day mummy exercise schedule works for me

Why my 15-minutes a day mummy exercise schedule works for me

Join me in my 15 minutes mummy crunch routine. It really, works! 

After I became a mum and made many first-time mummy mistakes, I realized the importance of sneaking in time for my own self.

I remember after I had a small baby, I was so overwhelmed with the huge responsibility that I did precious little to reward myself or to look after my own self.

But after a few months when I was in better control of my emotions and new schedule, I began noticing, that how neglecting my body has led to a low self-esteem.

That's when, I began taking charge of things. However, I do admit that still I did not go for a stay-in-the-gym kind of routine but made subtle changes in my lifestyle.

I have, based on my daily routine and kids' schedules incorporated simple 5-minute exercises spread into 3 parts and it has been working wonderfully for me. I call it my little mummy secret as it packs in the punch in so little time.

Here's my five minute each wonder work out routine that's best suited for mums

1.Morning meditation

Why my 15-minutes a day mummy exercise schedule works for me

I wake up 15 minutes earlier than all my family members and meditate over a cup of green tea. I also practice Surya Namaskar for five minutes thrice a week. This little activity right in the beginning of the day gives me clarity of thoughts and I use this time to count my blessings.

I also mentally as I sip my green tea try to think of what is stressing me out and how effectively I can handle the situation. Even though it is not a strenuous physical activity, this 5-minute conversation with my own self-has gone a long way in shaping my thought process and has made me much calmer. I recommend this stress buster for every mum out there.

2.Early noon break 

After the kids are at school and I have fixed myself a breakfast of either a muesli bowl or cornflakes with skimmed milk, it's time for me to put the Zumba music on and dance my heart out. Honestly, this began as a 5-minute activity because that's all I could initially manage given my stamina.

But these days, I do sometimes extend it to up to 15 minutes purely because I love gyrating to the beats. I suggest you begin with 5 minutes a day and see yourself fall in love.

3.Evening flight

During early evenings, I like to challenge my body but again just a little bit. So I look at my wrist watch and for 5 minutes I climb the stairs up and down in fast movements.

However, I do advise that you consult your doctor before you practice this as those who may be developing arthritis need to substitute it with a brisk walk instead.

These are 3 simple things that I do every day and without any instructor-led schedule, I have been feeling lighter, energetic and more active.

As busy mums, if you too like me feel that taking out an hour every day is more difficult than it sounds then join me in my 15 minutes mummy crunch routine. It really works!

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