14 simple ways a dad can show his love for his daughter

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Even the smallest things can be great, big gestures of love in your little daughter's eyes. Here are just some was a dad can show his love for his daughter

Listen up, dads: expressing your love isn’t about big, grand gestures or showering your little girl with expensive toys and gifts (though they’ll appreciate this, too); it’s about the little things—spending time watching their favorite show instead of a basketball game, listening to them tell you about their day, or even if it’s as simple as brushing their hair.

Even what you think are small things can be great big gestures of affection for your little girl. Here are 14 ways dads can show his love for daughters (of all ages!)

1. Love her mother

This, naturally, takes the top of the list. When you show your love for your wife, you’re also teaching your daughter what she should be looking for in a future partner. This culture of loving creates a security blanket for young girls and an inspiring picture of what they should strive for in their future relationships.

2. Listen to her favorite music

With the advent of Spotify, generations and music tastes are now more effectively bridged. Open up to Ariana Grande or One Direction and introduce her the wonderful discography of The Cure, you might be surprised just how much you enjoy having your own version of carpool karaoke on your way to the grocery store.

photo: dreamstime

photo: dreamstime

3. Have random dance parties

This may seem silly but what could be more fun than seeing your daughter crack up? Ask her to dance the cha-cha or waltz in the kitchen on a lazy weekend.

4. Wash her car

Yes, even seemingly mundane chores can be gestures of love; washing her car is a good example. This simple act tells her you care about her and the things she cares about.

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5. Let her have control of the remote

Giving her free rein once in a while of your family’s movie night line-up shows that you value and appreciate her taste and interests. It doesn’t matter if she wants to see Inside Out for the umpteenth time; what’s important is that she knows you’re enjoying it as much as she is—or, at least, you’re trying to.

6. Learn how to paint her nails

Mani/pedis aren’t just bonding opportunities for mum; even dads can get in on the fun, too!

Try practicing on your own nails first and then, offer to paint hers. Though you might mess up, the laughter that will ensue will be great memories all their own.

Once you get used to it, mani/pedis can be a great bonding experience you can have every other week.

girls give their daddies makeovers

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7. Spend time outdoors together

Spend quality time sans a screen or other gadgets. Slip on your sneakers and go for a run or walk together. Spending time outdoors is a great way to bond and to show her that you’re totally focused on her. (You can even shop for matching kicks! Isn’t that fun?)

8. Take her out on a nice date

Take time to plan and prepare a nice evening for her. It depends on how old your daughter is, however. For younger girls, taking her out for ice cream or having your own tea party at home can be fun enough. But for older girls, why not take her out for an afternoon bike ride and picnic?

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9. Be interested in her hobbies

Taking an interest in her interests shows her you care. Help her learn a new baking recipe she’s been dying to try or help her practice play the guitar—whatever it is, being there 100% builds her confidence and gives her strength to pursue her passions.

10. Teach her how to make things

Equipping her with the knowledge to make or fix things for herself helps her grow up believing she is capable, strong, and confident in her own abilities.

Teaching her simple things such as nailing bag hooks to a wall or tightening a loose screw will help her build independence. It can even be as simple as teaching her how to prepare her mum’s favorite dish.

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11. Send her pictures of things that remind you of her

Even randomness can spell love. Send her snapchats or photos throughout the day of things you think she’ll like, find funny or stuff that remind you of her.

These little things remind her you’re thinking of her.

More ways dads can make their daughters feel loved on the next page. 

12. Learn how to braid her hair

There are a lot of Youtube tutorials around about hair braiding—some are even directed specifically to dads. So, don’t be intimidated. Brushing and combing her hair are excellent ways to show your daughter you love and care for her.

dadbraid feat

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13. Do not body shame

This may be a challenges but it’s important for dads to avoid commenting on other women’s bodies in front of their daughter. Classifying women as large or skinny creates a negative environment because it encourages your daughter to join in and unconsciously “body shame” other girls and eventually, herself.

14. Randomly text her every day

A simple morning SMS telling her you love her or wishing her a great day can do wonders; it lets her know that you value her and that, despite your hectic day, you’re still thinking about her.

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