13 reasons why 'Suicidal Tendency' is increasing in children!"

13 reasons why 'Suicidal Tendency' is increasing in children!"

With more and more reports linking the recent teen suicides in India to the Blue Whale Challenge game, theindusparent finds out the reasons behind this alarming trend.

With the shocking disclosure of ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ as the possible reason behind the suicide of a 14-year-old teenaged boy from Mumbai, it seems that suicide is fast becoming a ‘convenient resort’ in children.

Incidentally, 13 Reasons Why– one of the most viewed Netflix Series of 2017, is also based on the subject of a teen suicide. Selena Gomez who became a famous singing sensation when she was a teenager herself, is the co-producer of this drama series!

theindusparent contributor, Judy Morris,  lists down the 13 reasons why suicide in children is increasing at an alarming rate:

13 reasons why 'Suicidal Tendency' is increasing in children!

Mumbai teen commits suicide after playing the infamous ‘Blue Whale’ Challenge

1. Peer Pressure

Childhood is often thought to be the most carefree stage of life. But it isn’t as rosier nowadays. Apart from several other pressures, there is one factor that has constantly been there, it is the ‘Peer Pressure‘.

Falling prey of ‘Peer Pressure’ is the tendency to do things against his or her will just to get accepted among the friend circle. Parents should try and know from children about their friends so that you know in which company they are spending their maximum time.

2. Sexual Activity

The exposure to various forms of media raises curiosity in a child especially teenager’s mind. Lack of correct information may result in increased curiosity about sex and private parts, becoming sexually active untimely and even leading to pregnancy.

3. Bullying in School/College

The environment inside a home versus outside is drastically different. While at home a child is safeguarded by elders, at school or other public places, the child is in a foreign environment. He or she is susceptible to both positive & negative experiences.

Bullying is a common happening menace. Though it is good that children try and solve the problem on their own but sometimes intervention of parents, friends and school authorities may be of better help.

4. Busy Parents

For a raising a secure child, it is important for the parents to spend quality time with them. This instills a friendly bond between the parent and child which reinforces the trust between them.

Parents who tend be pre-occupied with their professional and personal works have more chances of raising insecure children.

5. Drugs/Alcohol Abuse

A lot of factors like friends circle, surplus inflow of money and more can lead to children trying alcohol & other substance for a fad. These substances play with the brain to create both happy and sad illusions which may lead to a child committing suicide.

6. Lack of True Friendship

Today children are fast becoming independent and professional. They have hundreds of friends on social networking sites but only a handful of true friends.

Hence the lack of a true friendship and the absence of a friend with whom one can share their problems make the child vulnerable.

#7 ‘Role Modelling’ a Fellow Student

School is the first place where a child mixes with people outside his family on a daily basis. Each child performs at different level in different activities which leading some to become leaders while others constitute the general class population.

Children need to differentiate between getting inspired by such high performing student rather than simply idolizing them. After all, role models aren’t perfect in every aspect of their being!

#8 Exposure to Extreme Situations

Committing a suicide is a difficult and daring decision. Let’s agree on the fact that it can be committed by only those who don’t have a wish to live anymore.

Being subjected to extreme conditions in childhood like a dispute in the family, sexual abuse, death can have a detrimental effect on a child’s mind which may lead to depression or worst – suicide.

#9 Failed Relations

A small child even and for that matter, a teenager also is very fragile emotionally and so depends upon the support of the people they meet often. These people may be from family, friends, teachers etc. Relations with such people when failing in some way like a broken friendship, one-sided love, fight with siblings can head them to take this adverse step.

10 Academic Pressure

exam stress

Academic pressure refers to self, parents or teachers imposed pressure for performing well in exams. Every year there are students commit suicides after the results of board & competitive exams are declared. The number of the same is rising exponentially. Parents can be a great support in the same.

11 Exposure to Social Media & Mobile Apps

In the recent case of teen suicide, the role of Blue Whale gaming app is still under the investigation. But there are many applications available on mobile and on social networking websites which are very edgy in their content. Children and teens in the quest of adventure fall for these applications leading to major mishaps.

12 Self-imposed Pressure

Everyone wants to be successful in life but some kids pressurize themselves way too heavy for them to carry on. This is not just restricted to studies but it may be for issues like being overweight, selection in sports team, winning, becoming a celebrity at school and more.

13 TV & Films

There are a number of distorted stories that are taken up as a screenplay and shown on TV & Films. These stories when seen by children can motivate them to take adverse steps.

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Written by

Judy Morris

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