12-year-old Delhi boy dies after falling into an open sewer

12-year-old Delhi boy dies after falling into an open sewer

Labhyansh, a 12-year-old Delhi boy fell into an open sewer while returning from a picnic

In a tragic freak accident, a 12-year-old boy fell into an open sewer and died. The incident took place near the Millenium depot located at south-east Delhi and the police has registered a case of negligence.

Reports suggest that Labhyansh, a resident of Lalita Park and a class VI student was returning from a school picnic when he fell into the sewer.

Sadly, he drowned before somebody could help him and his body was later taken out of the sewer by the fire department. An India Today report suggests that his father passed away a year back and his mother is a domestic help.

Such tragic accidents have become quite common in India, with many children falling to their deaths. The only way you can avert such a situation is by making your child aware of his surroundings.

Ask them to be a little self-aware and look out for possible danger zones. If they find a person suspicious, they must immediately report it to their parents or an elder person they trust.

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Deepshikha Punj

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