12 cooking hacks to make your life easier

12 cooking hacks to make your life easier

Mums, do you want to cut down on your time spent in the kitchen and still cook nutritious meals? Here are a dozen hacks that will free up your time!

I love to cook! The time spent in the kitchen gives me time to clear my head. Not to mention, I get to experiment with a lot of dishes. However, I am a lazy person. So I spent some time perfecting some hacks so that I would save a lot of time later!

If you are a busy mum and don't have time to prepare elaborate meals, and yet, you want to serve your family a balanced diet, here are a few hacks that will help you cut down your time in the kitchen

1# Boiling eggs hack

You can boil eggs in an electric kettle! To do so, fill about 250 ml of water. Gently put the eggs inside the kettle and add more water so that the eggs are covered. Bring it to a boil and let it cool. The eggs would be boiled perfectly without blackening the egg yellow!


2# Roasted papads hack

Do you like papads? You can microwave them, but they don't taste the same. Add a few drops of coconut oil to the papad and spread it thin over one side. If you want to go wild, apply to the other side as well! Microwave the papad for 30-45 seconds till it is golden brown. Enjoy the new taste!


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3# Basmati rice hack

You do not need a pressure cooker for cooking rice! Add one cup of washed Basmati rice and two cups of boiling water in a kadhai. Cover it with a lid. Your rice would be done in 10 minutes flat instead of the usual 30 minutes by the pressure cooker. (You can add 4-5 cloves and half a lemon for flavour)


4# Palak Paneer hack

While making Palak paneer, add Palak leaves to the kettle. Cover it with water and bring it to a boil. Drain immediately and run it under cold water. This will ensure that the palak remains green and it frees up your stove top for other things!

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5# Ripe tomatoes cutting hack

Do you find cutting ripe tomatoes a task? Put them in the freezer for 1 minute and then cut them. It would be a lot easier to do so!


6# Cold drinks

Are you expecting guests but the 'cold drink' that you got is not so cold? Wrap the bottle in a kitchen towel. Pour water over it so that the towel is wet and sticks to the bottle. Shove it in the freezer. The bottle will cool down in a jiffy!

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7# Sabjis in general

If you are making any sabji the recipe would instruct you to add oil, then the diced onions till they become soft and then tomatoes till the oil starts to split. Well, I have found out that the easy way out is to blend both tomatoes and onions for 30 seconds in a blender/ vegetable chopper. Add this to oil and you end up saving at least 10 minutes. The taste is hardly different from the original recipe!


8# Taste boost!

Do you feel that your sabjis could use a bit of taste? Add coriander powder (dhania powder) to the oil just before you add anything. Let me know how awesome the sabji turns out!

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9# Peanut magic!

Some recipes require peanut oil for flavour. However, as a calorie-conscious mum, you may be using sunflower oil. Don't worry. You can add ground peanuts to the oil just after it starts to heat up. The house would end up smelling amazing for the rest of the evening!


10# Boiling potatoes hack

Are you making Pav Bhaji or mashed potatoes? Don't waste precious LPG on the cooker. Peel raw potatoes, cut it into small pieces and put them in a kadhai. Add boiling water to it and a pinch of salt. Cover and boil for 8-10 minutes. By the time you are done cutting the other ingredients, your potatoes are ready!

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11# Tender chicken hack

If you want to make the softest kebabs, marination is the key. Before you marinate, add a bit of milk to the chicken and literally 'massage' the meat! Keep it like this for 10 minutes, then add the marinate. This will loosen up the muscles and the marination would be even better. You can marinate for half an hour less than usual if you do this!


12# Chapati dough hack

This is a sticky one, (literally!) I hate it when the flour starts to stick to my fingers when I am mixing it while adding water. Use a fork to mix it! This will leave your fingers clean and the fork is a lot easier to clean than your hands!

Hope these hacks saved your time for your little ones! After all, every minute you free up for them is precious. Bon Appétit!

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