Despite having no support from family 11-year-old sends rapist chachu behind bars!

Despite having no support from family 11-year-old sends rapist chachu behind bars!

The rapist who the little girl often addressed as 'chachu' raped her four times during her stay in his home.

Justice came late, but it wasn't denied to this courageous 11-year-old girl who managed to get her 56-year-old rapist behind bars. This, despite being abandoned by her own parents.

Her horrific ordeal reportedly began in 2014, when her family sent her to Mumbai (from her native village) for a month. They were getting her 'treated' because they believed she was possessed by 'evil spirits.'

Rapist chachu does the unthinkable

However, it was during her stay in Mumbai with the rapist's family that he assaulted her. According to the girl's testimony, when the rest of the family members left for Gujarat for a week, the rapist who she addressed as 'chachu' allegedly raped her four times.

So on October 26, 2014, the 11-year-old decided to make a run for her life when the rapist was taking a bath. She approached her neighbour and shared details of the horrific incidents. Upon hearing the ordeal, the neighbour decided to shield the girl for a day and took her to the police the very next day.

Post the FIR, she was reportedly shifted to a shelter home where he parents came to visit her, but left without taking her back.

When this case reached the court, it shocked the judges.

Judges were shocked to see what happened to the girl

“Generally, parents are the first persons to raise voice for the cause of their child but here is a case where parents have not turned up for the cause of their child. There is material on record to the extent that the victim’s parents and relatives of the man visited the victim’s shelter home," observed Special Judge Rekha Pandhare.

"So it is apparent the prosecution has not examined them as witnesses as they might have not supported the prosecution…,” Special Judge Pandhare added.


The girl was claimed a liar and the convict's lawyer even stated that he was falsely implicated because it was he who took the girl around religious places to get 'treated.'

But clearly the court did not fall for these claims and rested their judgement solely on the basis of evidence and witnesses. The judges convicted and sentenced the 56-year-old to life imprisonment.

Sadly, this case highlights the growing menace of child sexual abuse in our country. Children are no longer safe anywhere, sometimes even with relatives.

Watch out for these warning signs

As parents, it may not be possible to helicopter your child all the time, and that is why it is all the more important to make them aware. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Notice warning signs of sexual abuse such as frequent injuries
  • Also notice if your child is always on the lookout for somebody or shows signs of fear
  • Keep a tab on any lacerations on the body especially on private parts
  • Notice if your child shows signs of aloofness or is scared of strangers
  • Notice if your child shows aggressiveness and does not want to attend school anymore

All these are signs of sexual abuse and you must keep a tab on them. Read this article to know what you should do if you notice your child being sexually abused.

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