11-year-old's fingers were ripped off after climbing fence

11-year-old's fingers were ripped off after climbing fence

An 11-year-old boy's fingers got cut off after he attempted to climb a fence while watching his stepdad during motocross practice

An 11-year-old boy from the UK had 2 of his fingers ripped off after they got caught on a spiked fence that he was climbing.

"Where's your fingers?"

Tommie Randall was watching his stepdad practice for a race when he became interested in watching a motocross race on the other side of a spiked fence.

He shares, "I wanted to go and watch. Normally there's a hole in the fence, but this time it wasn't there. I was that desperate to see the motocross that I climbed the fence. I got over, but I slipped as I was coming down the other side. I tried to grab the fence, but there were spikes."

His mother added, "Tommie didn't realise that he had lost his fingers, he wasn't aware of a lot of pain to start with. He called for me but we were on opposite sides of the fence and we had to wait for half an hour for someone who had keys for the gate to come so that I could get to him. When I saw his hand, I said 'where's your fingers?"

Sources: mirror.co.uk, essexlive.newskidshealth.org

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