11 things that every mum's purse MUST contain!

11 things that every mum's purse MUST contain!

Are you carrying these 11 essentials in your purse?

A mum's purse is a magic place. It is a collection of all the things in the world that the kid needs! No wonder kids ask for anything and everything under the sun to the mum and she fetches it from her purse!

While you may be carrying all the stuff you think might come handy, here are 11 essentials that every mum should have in her purse! Check if your's carry these things!

1# Snacks


Who does not know the hunger tantrums that kids throw? Carrying snacks is mandatory for every mum. An expert tip: Mix 20 grammes Almonds, 20 grammes walnuts, 15 grammes pistachios and 20 grammes of raisins. This is an amazing alternative to any packed food or energy bar ever! Carry a fruit, just in case!

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2# Pain relief spray


Pain relief spray is a must. Kids fall down and instant pain relief will come handy! Carry a small can of spray. Remember: DO NOT use it if you see a wound.

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3# Band-aids


This is a staple that every mum swears by! Carry band-aids of all shapes and sizes. You never know what comes handy when!

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4# Tissues/handkerchief and a hand sanitizer


Carry both dry tissues as well as wet wipes. These come handy in every situation and you don't have to run to find a tap and a soap every time! Carry a hand sanitizer as well!

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5# A pen and a paper


This comes handy when your kid is bored. You can play tic tac toe with the kid, instead of handing him over your phone.

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6# A toy


Carry a spare toy with minimum parts. This is to engage the kid while on the move!

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7# A pullover/shawl


Kids love to fall asleep at the strangest of the places. A shawl will come handy in such situations.

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8# A small torch


Kids swallow random things, or put them in their ear! Carrying a torch is needed if you have kids who are at that age. A torch is also a good play thing for the kid. You can play shapes and shadows when you are out!

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9# A power bank


Smartphones run out of battery faster with the kids around. You need a power bank in case you are travelling and not yet reached a place where you can charge the phone! Don't forget your charging cable.

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10# An address book with emergency contacts


A physical address book is important as you cannot always rely on electronics. Write down all the phone numbers in it. Also carry your kid's photo, just in case.  We all hope you never have to use it!

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11# Something for you!


You need energy on the move! Always keep a chocolate hidden in your purse for instant energy and a mood boost! After all, you are carrying out an important task of travelling with children! You deserve a sinful pleasure once a while!

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Written by

Anay Bhalerao

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