100 beautiful Tamil baby names for 2015

100 beautiful Tamil baby names for 2015

Deciding on a name for the new member of your family is a difficult task. This list of beautiful and meaningful Tamil baby names will make the task easier!

100 beautiful Tamil baby names for 2015

Deciding on a name for your baby is a daunting yet enjoyable experience.

Your child’s name will represent his identity forever. A well-thought and meaningful name can help him mark his first impression, whereas a poorly chosen, not-so-well pronounced name can severely affect his identity and his confidence level. Therefore, make sure you spend appropriate time and brainstorm as much as you can to choose a name that will reflect his personality and, at the same time, sounds great.

Here are some well-pronounced and not-so-conventional Tamil baby names (with meanings) that you may consider for your child in the coming year.

Tamil baby names for boys

Sl. no Alphabet Name Meaning
1 A Adhiraj King
2 Aadhavan Sun
3 Aadit Peak
4 Aamod Pleasure
5 Aatreya It is a name of a saint
6 Abheek fearless
7 Animesh One with beautiful eye
8 B Bajala Honoured
9 Bhaswar Shining
10 Bhoumik Landowner
11 C Chaitan Conciousness
12 Chintav A lamp
13 Chyavan It is the name of a saint
14 D Daksh Capable
15 Dharesh Lord of land
16 Dikshan Initiation
17 E Eashan Lord Vishnu
18 Etash Luminous
19 G Girik Lord Shiva
20 Gaurish Lord Shiva
21 H Havish Lord Shiva
22 Hrishi Pleasure
23 I Ilesh Lord of earth
24 Inesh King of kings
25 J Jagdev Lord of the world
26 Jayaditya Sun
27 Jayendra Lord of victory
28 Kairav White lotus
29 Kausar Lake of paradise
30 Kaustav A gem worn by Lord Vishnu
31 L Lokesh King of world
32 M Mahasvin Glorious
33 Mardav Softness
34 N Naavalan Orator
35 Nallavan Benevolent
36 Namish Lord Vishnu
37 Nikash Horizon
38 Padman Lotus
39 Parikshit A king
40 R Rakshan Lord Vishnu
41 Revanth Horse Rider
42 Rishabh Morality
43 Sanchay Collection
44 Shamak Peace maker
45 T Thavanesh Lord Shiva
46 Trivikram An epithet of Vishnu
47 U Uddhav A festival
48 Uthaman Truthful
49 V Vallabh Beloved
50 Vibhakar One who emits light

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Tamil baby names

A lot of brainstorming is required to choose a name that will suit your child’s personality

Tamil baby names for girls

Sl. no Alphabet Name Meaning
1 A Aadhya First power
2 Aahna Exist
3 Aarika Admired for looks
4 Alekhya Picture or painting
5 Amolika Priceless
6 Anjika Blessed
7 Arkita Plentiful
8 B Bhamini A beautiful lady
9 Briti Strength
10 Bhrithi Nourished
11 Bhavi Emotional
12 C Charvi Beautiful
13 Chitrakshi Beautiful eyes
14 D Darika Maiden
15 Deleena Good Looking
16 Dhruvika Firmly fixed
17 Diksha Initiation
18 Divyanshi Part of divine power
19 E Ekantika Singly focused
20 G Ganika Flower
21 Gargi Goddess durga
22 Gaurika Pretty young girl
23 Gunnika Garland
24 Grishma Warmth
25 H Harsika Joyous
26 Hemakshi Golden eyes
27 Hiya Heart
28 I Idika Earth
29 Ishanvi Goddess Parvathi
30 Ishani Goddess Parvathi
31 J Jeevika Water
32 Jovita Joy
33 K Kaaviya Heroine
34 Kashika The shining one
35 Kimaya Divine
36 L Lipika A short letter
37 M Manasvi Intelligent
38 Manika Jewel
39 Mishika Gift of love
40 N Navistha Youngest
41 Nirvi Bliss
42 Nitika Policy
43 P Parivitha Extremely free
44 Pracheeta Origin
45 R Rasika Sugarcane juice
46 Romila Heartfelt
47 Rupika Gold coin
48 S Sachi Grace
49 Satvika Goddess Durga
50 T Tasha Birth

Tips on choosing a name

Choosing a name for your child can be a daunting task. You may have to spend days and even weeks to decide upon it. Nevertheless, you will certainly enjoy this experience. Here are some tips that will make this task easier for you:

  • Choose shorter names. Long, complicated Tamil baby names can be confusing. Your child may have to spell or repeat his name endless number of times in future. The best alternative is to choose names that are short, easy, and well pronounced.
  • Do not choose names with complicated spelling.
  • You may get tempted by hearing a unique name with unique spelling, but this can create a lot of confusion.
  • You may get as creative as you want while choosing your child’s name but do not go overboard. Choose a name that is creative yet sweet. Remember that a strange name can become a reason for him/her to be teased in school or college.

I hope these Tamil baby names and tips help you. Congratulations and enjoy this one-of-its-kind experience!

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