OMG! 10-year-old Delhi student dies after 'falling' from the second floor of his school

OMG! 10-year-old Delhi student dies after 'falling' from the second floor of his school

Arman Sehgal was a student of GD Goenka International School, Indirapuram, and succumbed to his injuries minutes after his alleged fall.

Just minutes after Gulshan Sehgal dropped off his 10-year-old son at school 7.30 am, he received an anxious call from the authorities there.

They informed him that Arman, his son, allegedly 'fell down' at 7.50 am from the second floor and was being rushed to the Shanti Gopal Hospital.

Unfortunately, Arman Sehgal, a class IV student of GD Goenka International School, Indirapuram, succumbed to his injuries and was reportedly declared 'brought dead.'

What exactly happened in those 10 minutes?

After Arman was dropped off by his father around 7.30 am on Tuesday, he proceeded towards room 5D to sit for his weekly test. That's when, the school authorities say he slipped from the second floor and fell down.

However, the parents allege negligence on the part of the school and are holding them responsible for the loss.

Arman's mother, Swati Sehgal told Hindustan Times (HT), “We were informed late by school authorities...Even the class teacher, in whose presence the incident took place, was brought before us very late and only after repeated requests,” she added.

The parents reportedly also allege that the school did not cooperate with them and hid important details about the fall as well.

OMG! 10-year-old Delhi student dies after 'falling' from the second floor of his school

"I suspect that my son died due to negligence of school authorities"

“They say he fell and urinated on himself. But I am certain there was some water on the floor and he slipped. The school is hiding this. His class teacher came into the picture after repeated requests. She told us Arman fell in front of her. But I do not believe her. My son was not so weak. I am sure that there was water there. I have seen the body and his clothes were completely wet. He slipped,” she told Indian Express.

Post the unfortunate incident, Gulshan filed a complaint against the school and wrote: “We went to the school but we were not allowed to meet the principal/administration... We were not shown the CCTV footage and the spot (where the boy fell) was also cleaned. I suspect that my son died due to negligence of school authorities... We want a judicial and CBI inquiry.”

However, the school is saying something else!

"There was no water on the floor as is being alleged"

Dr Kavita Sharma, principal, GD Goenka International School, Indirapuram, told HT, "He just fell over the floor while he was walking from his class to the other room. We immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital but he could not survive. The incident is unfortunate and we will fully cooperate with his parents and also with police to take up any investigation. There was no water on the floor as is being alleged."

“His class teacher has given full details to his parents and also to the police about the incident. The boy was not in a hurry to rush to the exam room and was walking. He had arrived late by 10-12 minutes, approximately. The corridor where he fell down had no CCTV coverage,” added Sharma.

Since a police complaint has been filed and a post mortem report is awaited, only time will tell how this case will be handled and solved and if the parents will get any justice.

But this case does highlight the need to better understand child safety procedures at schools.

Child safety in school

Although once your ward is in school, it is their responsibility to take care of him/her, as parents you must ensure that they have all the safety provisions in place. Here are a few things about child safety you must keep in mind when checking out a school.

  • Ask your child if he/she feels safe in his or her school and where it is that they feel the safest (within the premises). This will tell you about the safety procedures of the school and the guards they may have employed.
  • Ask the authorities about the procedure to report irregularities. Also make sure to know how long it takes for them to reach a solution and how they implement corrective measures.
  • Ask the school authorities if they have a safety procedure in place, especially in case of medical emergency. Also make sure to ask if they have communicated the same to the students.
  • Enquire about the training that the school administration, personnel and staff has undergone in case of an emergency. You must also be informed if regular drills take place in the school to prepare everybody for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Finally, ask them how you as a parent can help with better informing and preparing a child as far as safety is concerned.

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