10 ways dads can bond with their unborn babies

10 ways dads can bond with their unborn babies

Dads often feel left out during their partner's pregnancy, but even while their baby's still in the womb, they can already start bonding with them

Pregnancies revolve around the baby and the mummy—there’s no going around that. It’s normal for dads to feel left out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to make yourself more connected to your baby even before they’re born.

1. Connect with other dads

You can join a parenting group in your community or online to get pointers on fatherhood (try theAsianparent Community). Or you could ask your friends who are dads about how they felt before their baby was born, and for tips for when the baby does come out. Plugging into a dad community even before your baby’s birth can make you feel more like a dad and not just a sperm donor.

2. Put your baby’s picture everywhere

You can print several copies of your baby’s sonogram and keep it in your wallet, on your desk, in the car, etc. It’ll be a great way to remind you throughout the day of what you’re looking forward to.

dad bond with unborn baby

3. Go to your partner’s doctor appointments

Seeing your baby on a scan can make a world of a difference, so go to as many of these appointments as you can.

4. Knowledge is power

So get all that you can, wherever you can. Support your partner by attending classes with her, and read those baby books.

5. Buy toys

Greg Bishop, the founder of Boot Camp for New Dads, told Parents that dads usually dream about the activities they’ll do with their child when they’re old enough.

“When mom is pregnant and thinks about the baby, she pictures and infant,” he says. “Dad pictures the baby older, as a new playmate, and dreams of how he will show them their world and the adventures they’ll have.” It could be anything from a car plushie to a pair of sneakers from your favorite brand to something related to your sports team.

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6. Nest

Yes, dads nest too. Preparing for your child by fixing up the house or painting that nursery will make you feel more like a dad. Plus, with you doing most of the work, your partner should be able to rest more and concentrate on growing that baby!

7. Read to your baby

Your baby should be able to hear between 23 weeks and 27 weeks, so even when they’re still in your partner’s tummy, you can already familiarize them with your voice.

8. Sing to your baby

If you love music, sing your favorite songs to your partner’s tummy. According to a study from the University of Helsinki, babies can recognize songs played or sung to them while still in the womb.

dad bond with unborn baby

9. Play music to your baby

Not much of a singer? That’s alright, you can still enjoy music together by playing your baby some of your favorite songs.

10. Feel your baby’s movements.

Ask your partner to tell you when your baby’s moving around, so you can place your hand on her tummy and feel your baby moving around in the womb.

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