10 Things that show you're blessed to be married to your husband

10 Things that show you're blessed to be married to your husband

Does your husband constantly do these things? Then it should reassure you that you're truly blessed to be married to a man like him!

Even if you’re secure in your relationship, receiving a little reassurance every now and then is always a good thing. In case you needed reminding, here are some signs that you’re truly blessed to be married to a man like your husband.

1. He makes you a priority

Despite investing his time and emotions into his career as well as your kids and relatives, you’re blessed if he prioritises you above everyone else.

2. He pays attention to the little things

He knows how you like your coffee. He knows what kind of movies you like, what songs make you smile. He knows what chores to do to lighten your load. Love is in the little details.

3. He only has eyes for you

He still looks at you like he did before. He is not easily swayed by temporary distractions and goes out of his way to show you he loves you, even if he doesn’t always say it.

4. He challenges you

A husband who’s a blessing will inspire you to be better. He believes in you and pushes you to strive and work hard.

5. He empowers you

He’s your cheerleader and values your dreams as much as you do. He lets you be who you want to be and reminds you constantly that you have the power to face whatever comes.

10 Things that show you're blessed to be married to your husband

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6. He celebrates you

You’re truly blessed if your husband celebrates your successes, no matter how small you think it is. He’s not ashamed to compliment you in front of friends and family because he’s truly proud of you.

7. He makes life fun and good

He’s spontaneous and can turn the boring days into fun ones. A good husband sees the beauty in the ordinary and makes a great life companion because he is creative and resourceful.

8. He loves your kids

If he’s a good provider and a hands-on, patient dad, then you’re truly blessed!

9. He keeps trying to win you over

A good husband keeps wooing you even if you’ve been together for years! The romance doesn’t fade because he makes an effort to keep the fire burning.

10. He’s not afraid to swallow his pride

He owns up to his mistakes and is not too proud to reach out and apologize.

What sweet things would you add to the list, mommies? Let us know in the comments below!

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Bianchi Mendoza

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