10 Reasons why you should bring your child to a paediatric hospital and not to a general one...

Paediatric hospitals treat, as well as ‘treat’ children with great care, affection and love, just like a mum would. Although this is reason enough to choose a children’s hospital for your baby, here, we give you 10 more… Presented by Rainbow Children’s Hospital

The moment a woman discovers that she’s carrying a tiny life within her, she embarks upon a wonderful journey. A journey that is filled with a bouquet of emotions and together with her partner, she prepares and plans to welcome her little angel into this world.



Needless to say that parents want the best for their babies from even before they are born. Right from choosing a top maternity hospital to dolling up a bedroom for your munchkin, to getting them admitted in best school possible, to preparing the most nutritious food for them, parents take care of every small thing and tiny detail.


Mums, the apples of your eyes deserve special attention, and more so when they are battling an ailment. Needs of children, especially during an illness, are completely different than those of adults and they require distinctive pediatric care. Top pediatric hospitals provide your child with a complete range of child health care resources beginning from the prenatal stage and extending a warm support throughout the childhood and adolescence.


Here’s why you must bring your bundle of joy to a paediatric hospital for treatment when unwell…


  • Prenatal advice is important


True to the belief of a renowned pediatric hospital in Bangalore, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, pediatricians are not mere doctors, and they are trusted partners in your child’s health. They are the ones who can play the role of friend, philosopher, and guide to expectant parents as they take their first step on this beautiful path. A prenatal visit can help the parents to- be in bonding with the doctor beforehand as well as developing parenting skills and confidence.


  • Neonatal Intensive Care Units are the need of the hour



Indian government has always been serious about child care and health programmes. In the year 2014, they came up with the INAP report that states the importance of neonatal care as it has been observed that neonatal deaths have increased from 41% in 1990 to a whopping 56% in 2012, however, mums, not all is lost. Pediatric hospitals with state of art NICUs are definitely a ray of hope in this scenario.


  • Paediatric Intensive Care Units in case of critical conditions



Apart from NICUs, separate pediatric ICU wards are available at children’s hospitals. The management is expected to ensure that the wards are child friendly. India has some good, world class pediatric hospitals where the patients can be given best treatments. Pediatricians in such hospitals as well as other staff is well trained to handle sensitive situations where parents are stressed due to their little one’s sickness.


  • Multi- disciplinary speciality services for children under one roof

Pediatrics is a vast subject and ever evolving hence, general hospitals cannot do justice to the specialized needs of children. The pediatric hospitals offer a range of specialized services that exclusively cater to children’s problems. Major services offered at some of the best pediatric hospitals in India are General Pediatrics, Neonatology, Nephrology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Oncology, Cardiology, Genetic and Metabolic Diseases, Pediatric Dentistry and Nutrition.


  • Vaccinations and immunisations at right time is an absolute essential



Mums, we bet you don’t really need an introduction to why vaccinations are important as all of us have not only witnessed but also celebrated the nationwide kicking of polio from our lives. Pediatric hospitals, of course, with your support, make sure that your child’s immunization is according to the schedule. In short, you don’t need a volunteer visiting your doorstep with the dose of vaccine or never worry about having missed on them. Your pediatrician at the hospital is all you need to keep your angel safe and immunized. 


  • Paediatric surgery is an ever growing field of knowledge



A subspecialty in the medical field of surgery, pediatric surgery entails diseases and conditions in fetuses, infants, children and adolescents where a surgical intervention is required. Sad, yet true, is the fact that pediatric surgery is required in a variety of ailments and conditions where the doctor must be well equipped with handling young bravehearts with compassion and unconditional love.


  • Focus on preventive health care for children

A newspaper report talks about how Indian Government is dedicated to prevention in the health sector. Pediatric hospitals reach out to the parents through wellness programmes to create awareness and emphasize on their minds that prevention is better than cure. They advocate and uphold government policies and inform and update parents about them.


  • Quality and accreditations for Pediatric Hospitals

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare providers aka NABH, certifies the pediatric hospitals based on strict standardizations. The organization ensures that these hospitals follow all the norms required to be called a pediatric hospital and it implies best treatment for children. In India, Rainbow Children’s Hospital is the first children’s hospital to have received this certification.


  • Continuous research that leads to better health services



As pediatric hospitals are completely dedicated to child health care, their area of research is focused on related issues, resulting in improvement in treating the little munchkins. Also, they understand the children’s health issues much better than a regular doctor.


  • Last, but not the least, children feel at home



Paediatric hospitals work with children on physical, emotional and mental level. They not only strive to cure young people but also ensure that the child is emotionally and mentally stable. An ailment can affect the psyche of a child just like it would affect an adult, only the damage caused is worse and trauma is too much to fathom. At such times, the expert care of a paediatrician and the staff at these hospitals can bring the child back to normal more easily.

Undoubtedly, a paediatric hospital is a one- stop solution for different needs of children and they are the best choice to get a kid treated for any ailment.