10 mum resolutions I intend to make in 2017 (and you should too!)

10 mum resolutions I intend to make in 2017 (and you should too!)

What could be a better time to learn from the past and come up with some new parenting resolutions.

Parenting can be quite tricky and while you often make mistakes, the best part is, you can rectify them and make sure you never repeat them in the times to come.

Talking about rectifying mistakes, now that we're staring at the New Year, what could be a better time to learn from the past and come up with some new parenting resolutions for the year ahead. Here’s what I have set for myself:

1. Say no to screens: As parents, we often look for an easy way out when it comes to keeping our kids occupied and, in this digitally savvy world, these “easy way outs” are the many screens that are at their disposal, even though we know they're doing more harm than good.

screen time parents

This New Years, I resolve to spend more time outdoors and try out some fun exercises with my little one such as trekking, bike riding, treasure hunts, and may be some extempore singing and dance competitions. And not just that, I intend to participate in them as well!

2. Taking tough questions head on: How many of you parents diverted the topic when your child asked something tricky? I for one dodged quite a few ones, especially when my daughter wanted to know about spirits and what happens when a person dies, thinking that she is too small to talk about it.

However, later on, I regretted doing that and went on to explain all about death to her. I plan to continue the trend next year too as I don't want her to not know about "sensitive topics" just because she's small. Instead, as a mother, I would find a simple way of explaining things to her.

3. Keeping phones away at bedtime: While I definitely try not to take work home most of the times, there have been days when there are just way too many calls to attend and messages to be sent that I often found myself frantically replying to urgent emails, or doing that just “one last thing” on my phone.

So, in the coming year I resolve to keep the phone on the “do not disturb” mode, especially during bedtime and spend that time bonding with my little one and listening to her chatter.

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4. Helping kids finish what's on their plate: As a mother, I often find myself coming up with options when my daughter says no to a particular item on her plate, thinking that it's better to eat something than stay hungry.

healthy eating habits in kids

This is why there are times that she has a peanut butter sandwich instead of veg curry and rice, even though I knew the latter is more nutritious for her. Besides, in the process, we end up wasting quite a bit of food, which is not how it should be. Food wastage is something are kids should be aware of and that’s why, this year I plan to be a little stricter when it comes to finishing her vegetables and eating healthy meals. And I would better practice what I preach.

5. Not pushing my child to hurry up: I am a working mother and needless to say, I am often pressed on time trying to meet the innumerable deadlines, at work and otherwise. At such times, I have seen that in order to not be late for a meeting or attend a particular call, I often push my daughter to hurry up and finish whatever she’s doing as soon as she can.

What I failed to understand that she has got nothing to do with it and also she hardly understands deadlines and pressure at the fragile age of 4. And, as her mother, I should be the last one to stop her from doing something that she is enjoying. It could be playing with her doll first thing in the morning, or just lying on the couch and staring at the foliage outside. I should let her do all of that and even more!

 6. Letting my child find solutions for her boredom: If I may ask, what did you do when you got bored as a child? Did your mother switch on the TV or gave you a gadget to play with? Well, in my case my parents never did any of the above and neither did they got me enrolled in extra-curricular activities to keep me busy.

Instead, they just left me to figure it out myself. So, I would spend my day with my numerous cousins playing games in the garden or re-reading my favourite comic and sometimes even re-arranging things in my room. This is what I plan to do with my daughter as well and I resolve to not give her gadgets or props to get rid of her boredom next year.

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 7. Being a more patient parent: I hate to snap at my daughter, when she really gets on my nerves after a hard day at work, but like it or not this past year is full of instances when I have indeed lost my temper and snapped at her.

Many times I also came up with emotional threats such as “If you don’t listen to me now, no cartoon time for a week” and some such ways just get things done my way. This is something I don't intend to do in 2017. Never.

 8. TIry to be a good spouse, too: While as parents we do whatever we can for our kids, somewhere down the line we forget about all our supportive spouses and the way they hold us together in trying times.


So, this year I resolve to not only trying hard to be a good mother, but also spending some time being the good wife and partner as well. It would do wonders for my marriage and also set a great example to my daughter of what loving, healthy relationships are all about.

9. Not following the crowd: We often end up comparing ourselves with other parents and our kids with their friends. This constant comparison makes us do things which would not benefit us in the long run. Forcing your child to take up an activity just because all kids in the neighbourhood have, should not be the real reason for your child to join the class. Instead, your child should take up something only if he wants to.

This rule applies to mothers as well who keep on comparing themselves with other mothers and think of ways to be the "perfect mother". As a mother, I promise to be more confident of my parenting choices and the methods that I use to raise my daughter. I should be the last person to doubt my own abilities. Don't you think so?

10. Not be a parent all the time: It's good to take a break every now and then, which is why parenting also needs to take a back seat sometimes. This year I promise not to stop my daughter from going silly while playing in the mud, or screaming her lungs out when playing with her friends in the neighbourhood. As a mother, the last thing I want is to be stressed out all the time and I hope I learn to take things a little easy next year.

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