A 10-month-old was beaten at a Mumbai daycare and the internet started blaming the mother!

A 10-month-old was beaten at a Mumbai daycare and the internet started blaming the mother!

Do you think it's right?

In one of the most shocking incidents back in 2016, a 10-month-old baby was brutally beaten by a caretaking staff at a Navi Mumbai day care.

The parents of the two-year-old were shell-shocked and couldn't believe their eyes.

“We could not believe our eyes while watching the CCTV footage,” said an emotional Ruchita, mother of the baby girl who couldn't even narrate the whole incident to the media.

“It was inhuman. The maid was manhandling my daughter — hitting her with toys and throwing her on the mat. We just saw what she did to my baby, who knows how she is treating the other kids at the center," said her husband.

Internet blames the mother

The incident sent shockwaves across the country and there were comments pouring from across India on social media. But, what was more shocking that instead of demanding a strict action against the daycare center owner and caretaker, people started criticizing the mother for being ambitious and money-minded.


"Cost of choosing your career and money over your own child. Whatever your situation may be! If your so career minded and need money then don't bring a child into this world and leave them into the hands of a stranger. They need all your time and every small thing with them matters! Cherish the time moments...they are very precious. They won't be small forever. You can get a job later," said a concerned stay-at-home mother.

Another user said that this was one of the reasons why she quit her job as she did not want to leave the child at the daycare.

"This is one of the reason that despite being well settled in my career the moment I decided to plan I was sure that I will quit my job and will never leave my child behind in daycare or with maids."

Other users simply blamed the mother and said that she should not have given birth to a baby if she did not have the time to take care of it. Some even mentioned that they should have called their parents to look after their granddaughter.

Challenges Indian working mothers face every day

While there were other comments as well which mentioned that the incident has nothing to do with a woman's choice of being a working mother, there is a general perception in India that women who chose to work outside the house, often do that at the cost of the well-being of the child.

Let’s face it, Indian mums have to fight challenges every day and if you happen to be a working mum, it’s double the trouble for you.

working mother girl

This is more because of the fact that the concept of a working mum is still something that people don’t understand. So you might be a team leader or a project head at work, when it comes to your home you are the person who is majorly responsible.

Add to it the expectations of your in-laws and your extended family and you’ll be fighting battles almost every day. And if you send your child to the daycare, you’d be reminded constantly of the fact that you are neglecting your child and being selfish.

This is why women are mostly asked to take up jobs such as teaching which do not have odd working hours or simply consider work-from-home options. Like it or not, no one would ever question the father on the nature of his job. Do you think that's right? Should a woman always sacrifice her career and ambition if she wants to have a baby? What about the man?

Security at Indian daycares

Meanwhile, a Mumbai-based think tank has issued the following 10-point advisory that should be followed by day cares across India. Union minister of women and child development Maneka Gandhi had asked the Early Childhood Association for the recommendations on improving the unregulated preschools sector.

The association consists of 2,900 preschools, 35 non-government organisations (NGOs) and 45 corporate groups.  Here are some of its recommendations:

  • Regulate the preschool sector: Government must keep a check on preschools and daycare centres mushrooming in India.
  • Quality control: The centers should get a quality certification done a body, appointed by the government, to ensure that all preschools adhere to industry standards.
  • Stress-free education: Toddlers should not be burdened with homework and academics till the age of 5.
  • Common curriculum: All preschools in India must follow a common curriculum for early childhood education as drafted by the government or the NCERT.
  • Student-teacher ratio: A staff-child ratio needs to be defined for different age groups.
  • Qualified teachers: Minimum qualifications need to be set for preschool teachers and they should be continuously trained for betterment.

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