10 healthy habits of highly effective mothers

10 healthy habits of highly effective mothers

Don't let the overwhelming responsibilities of being a mummy get to you. You can be more efficient, it's simply a matter of "how." Learn more here!

We’re not singling out any mums here, but we all know that there are certain mums out there who simply blow your mind with their efficiency. It’s almost as if they were programmed by some computer to be the most efficient and productive mum possible. So, what’s her secret? How do these mums reach this level of efficacy and productivity? Simple—with a few simple game changing habits!

Check out these 10 healthy habits of highly efficient mummies!

1. Early bird gets the worm

We all know the saying, “the early bird gets the worm”. Well, there’s a reasons why that saying has stood the test of time. Heed those wise words and use them to your advantage if you want to reach maximum mummy efficiency

Obviously, different mums have different schedules, so when we suggest waking up early, make sure that it’s early relative to your busy schedule. There’s no on size fits all for parents, and your sleeping pertains to that as well. Just try to make sure you have as many hours in a day that you can by waking up early. Oh, and one last thing: DON’T STAY UP TOO LATE. No one is at their best when they’re tired.

2. Approach your to-do lists the right way

No one likes starting the day by looking at your list of things to do, and feeling tremendously overwhelmed. One of the fundamental keys to being a highly efficient mummy is to take it step by step rather than lumping all your tasks together. Sure, you may have a multitude of grueling tasks to complete in a day, but in order to remain positive and efficient, you should always take it one step at a time. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, and always break everything down in an orderly process.

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3. Be proavtice and swift

We’re all guilty of a putting off a task and thinking to ourselves, “I’ll get around to it later.” Don’t get bitten by the procrastination bug! Research has proven that if you put off a task, you’re more likely to put that same task off in the future. That’s not a good habit to adopt if you want to be as efficient as possible.

A better strategy is to handle all of your duties as swiftly as possible. Take life by the horns and take care of your motherly duties sooner rather than later.

4. Take the time to recharge

Sure, as a highly efficient mum you’ll find yourself tackling tasks, and doing them swiftly; however, the most efficient mums out there make sure to schedule time in for themselves so they can recharge.

Make sure that each day, you’re setting aside time for yourself. It doesn’t matter how you spend this time, or when for that matter, but it’s imperative that you take some “me time” everyday. After all, you’re a mummy…not a robot!


5. Stay one step ahead

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you’re at maximum efficiency is to stay ahead of the game. Prepare accordingly and everything falls into place. Get everything in order for your next day. For example, you can make your breakfast at night, so you don’t have to spend time on it in the morning. Or, you can lay out your clothes for your busy day at night so you don’t have to waste time being indecisive in the morning! Whatever works for, do it. Being one step ahead is always the best way to be efficient.

6. Master the art of multitasking

The usefulness of multitasking speaks for itself. But, to master multitasking you have to work at it. Try it out and see how good you can get at juggling a handful of tasks. This will clear your schedule tremendously, and you’ll feel less swamped with your daily duties. Also, you should try multitasking the simpler things in order to stay positive! If your cleaning the house, try listening to some of your favorite music, or maybe a podcast. The simpler things still count as a task, and if you can knock them out together, you’re nurturing some good habits!

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7. Distribute your energy

To say you’ll be putting in 110% of your energy in every task throughout the day would be stretch. What efficient mums do is distribute their energy into the things that matter most for the people that matter most. It’s not fair to say that you’ll be putting in as much energy into caring for a child as you would into folding the laundry.

8. Mean, clean mum-ing machine

Highly efficient mums usually keep a clean house. It’s difficult to stay motivated and on top of you game if you’re constantly surrounded by a messy house. That’s why it’s so important for efficient mums to keep a clean environment for the and their families! However, it should be noted that obsessing over having a spotless house is not a good habit to have. You should strive to be neat and tidy, but don’t over do it! You’ll be doing more harm than good at that point.

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9. Embrace the power of “no”

You’ll never beat maximum efficiency if you’re constantly saying “yes”. If you don’t put in a firm stance and say “no” from time to time, you’ll be saturated in too many tasks and duties. You have to put your foot down as a parent, and you have to put your foot down as an efficient mummy!

10. Don’t let guilt get to you

Moms, if you’ve made it this far on this list, you should know…no one is perfect. There’s no way one single person, not even a supermom, can do everything. You may be more efficient if you practice these habits, but you should set reasonable expectations. Furthermore, don’t feel bad about realizing these expectations. You’re putting pressure on yourself if you truly think you can do everything in a day. Take the monkey off your back, and don’t feel bad about it.

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