Must-watch: Ace director Farah Khan opens up about becoming a mother at 43 through IVF!

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Farah Khan discusses her story and the ups and downs she faced while going through an IVF procedure.

There are many couples out there who can't conceive naturally even after trying for months, but they still hesitate in going for options like IVF to have a baby. Reason- they aren't too sure of the safety and risks associated with this expensive procedure.

However, recently there has been a rise in couples opting for IVF to get pregnant and even numerous Bollywood celebs have not only chosen it, but also come out in full support of it.

Celebs like Tusshar Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Farah Khan are a few Bollywood biggies who have spoken out in the open about the reasons why they opted for IVF and say that it has been a blessing to them.


Case in point is ace director Farah Khan who was perhaps one of the first few celebs to openly speak about IVF and how it has helped her get the three angels of her life. Farah admits that she takes pride in the fact that she had her babies through IVF.

In a new video that has been trending for the last couple of days, Farah Khan discusses her story and the ups and downs she faced while going through an IVF procedure.

"I was so busy in all my work that I didn't even have the time to have fun forget about romance. So when Shirish and I got married, I was already 40 and so we decided to start a family immediately. But even after two years of trying nothing was happening and that's when I decided to visit a fertility clinic," says Farah.

Farah goes on to say that the doctor asked her to start her IVF procedure immediately and after her first cycle of IVF the doctor called her. Farah thought that the doctor had called her to give her the good news, Farah rushed to the hospital.

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