5 challenges Indian working mothers face every day

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You might be a team leader or a project head at work, when it comes to your home you are the person who is majorly responsible

Let’s face it, Indian mums have to fight challenges every day and if you happen to be a working mum, it’s double the trouble for you.

This is more because of the fact that the concept of a working mum is still something that people don’t understand. So you might be a team leader or a project head at work, when it comes to your home you are the person who is majorly responsible. Add to it the expectations of your in-laws and your extended family and you’ll be fighting battles almost every day.

A prominent World Bank study found that only 27% of the female population aged over 15 is working in India. This is the lowest rate of women's participation in any workforce among the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries, with the highest in China at 64%.

What could be the reason for it? Well, if you ask me, I'd say that there are numerous challenges that an Indian working mother faces every single day of her work life that demotivate her and ultimately result in her becoming a stay-at-home-mum not out of choice, but out of duty. Here are some of the common challenges that I have faced as a working mother in India:

1. You’re constantly reminded of your duties

Indian women are brought up with the mental conditioning that they are born to take care of the family and their kids later on. So, even if you have an important meeting at work and your child is sick, you have to take care of your child as that is your primary responsibility not your work.

And if you send your child to the daycare, you’d be reminded constantly of the fact that you are neglecting your child and being selfish.


Let's admit, right from the time a woman gets married she is constantly judged for the choices she makes, when she should be having kids and how she should be taking care of them.

Women who refuse to follow the set rules are termed as selfish or arrogant. Same applies to continuing her career after the kids are born, a practice that is even common in educated families.

2.You’re looked down upon at work 

No matter how hard-working you are, you’ll always be looked down upon if you leave early and take more work-from-homes, which is why many mothers are not given key roles and projects in Indian companies. And, then there are only a few select companies who provide flexible working hours or creche facilities, so many women end up quitting their jobs after having children.

This could be a reason why a popular survey that involved 1,000 women working in Delhi, and its neighbouring areas, found that only 18-34% of married women continued working after having a child.

Continue reading to know more about the other challenges that working women face in India!

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